Message from Chairman of the Board of Directors

2016 marked another important milestone for AIS, as we overcame a number of challenges and changes that presented themselves throughout the year. Right from the very beginning of the year, we worked diligently to ensure that we could continue serving customers using 2G handsets and update as many as possible to 3G handsets. Even as we were participating in the 900 MHz spectrum auction again in May 2016, we were busy working on a quick implementation of 4G networks to meet the ever-growing demands of high-speed mobile internet. It was overcoming the challenges of these and other events that ensured every individual in the organization was kept active, cultivating the ideas which bring sustainability for the organization, develop our personnel, prepare us for any coming changes, and ultimately furnish AIS with the strength and the readiness to deal with any situations in the future.

Our performance in 2016 reflects the solid foundation on which AIS stands: A service revenue of 122,561 million Baht and 1.6 per cent growth from the previous year led to a net profit of 30,666 million Baht, created stable returns for shareholders with the fixed dividend policy at 100% of net profit for 2016, and provided us with a strong financial position and the preparedness to optimize future investment and business opportunities. This growth is the result of many factors that include our determination to be the foremost leader in mobile phone services, our constant search for exciting new innovations to offer our customers, our commitment to expanding our infrastructure with quality networks, and our dedication to developing service excellence to support our customers’ lives in the digital era.

In addition to maintaining our leadership position in the mobile phone business, which remains our primary business, AIS also aims to create growth in a range of related new businesses which can supplement our overall strategy. Keeping in line with our vision of being a digital service provider who can completely satisfy the needs of customers in this era, these new business ventures include extending our reach into the dramatically growing high-speed internet business as well as developing and providing a variety of digital content, both informative and entertaining, together with various other applications which are aimed at making life even easier in this digital era. AIS believes in making the optimum use of our resources, our abilities, our infrastructure and our innovations to improve the quality of communication, facilitate access to education, create jobs and enhance day-to-day living with the overall goal of helping to develop the quality of life in Thai society.

These developments are only possible through the collaboration of many parties. With this in mind, AIS places great importance on balancing company growth with the development of society, our customers, our partners, our staff, and the environment so that we are best positioned to achieve sustainable growth for the long term. We are especially committed to providing support to enhance the potential of our business partners, our distribution channel partners, our suppliers, and other trade partners who play a role in our customers receiving quality products and excellent service. Throughout our organization and wider network, AIS also aims to develop human resources and cultivate an organizational culture that promotes creativity, stimulates new ideas, and never stands still, so that we are always in the best position to adapt and keep pace with change.

Finally, 2016 marks the second year for which AIS has been the sole telecommunications provider selected for inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) as well as the second year in which we have been included in the ‘Sustainable Stock’ list of listed companies assessed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. It is my belief that the concept of sustainable development is incorporated into every aspect of AIS’s implementation, allowing us to grow continuously and ensure stable returns for all stakeholders in the long-term, while also contributing to the growth and progress of the economy and Thai society.

Mr. Kan Trakulhoon
Chairman of the Board of Director